I had a dream to create a marketing firm that helps small businesses become outstanding in their field.

When I started my own business, I had no idea how to market myself. I was on a shoestring budget with nothing but my passion to drive the so-called bus. I was fresh off the boat from Germany with this crazy idea to open a bakery in downtown Toronto, of course with no previous experience!! All I had were my mom’s recipes and my love for baking –  and my undying belief that people should eat good bread. Which gave me the strength to open the doors to a tiny hole in the wall. Needless to say – it was a slow and hard beginning; I made a lot of mistakes that almost knocked me out. But like a good European girl, it just made me more determined to pull through. One day I got noticed by the mayor of Toronto, he bought my bread and became the biggest fan. He said “Uta I need to get you into the St.Laurence Market. You belong there!! And so he did, he made it possible even though there was a 2-year waiting list. It was the highlight of my life at the time. But he didn’t stop there, he pushed me to hire a marketing firm, I thought he was crazy! But he insisted and with all the money I had I called up a well-known marketing firm. The rest is history. Together we created the brand that stood the test of time, I got noticed, people recognized the brand and after a year I opened 2 more stores and became one of the most celebrated bakeries in Toronto. 

I know that not everybody gets noticed by the mayor – but it was the great design ideas of the marketing team that made me visible to the rest of the world. The little bakery that could! 

Your passion is your power, no doubt. But your marketing team is the vehicle that will get you on the map and moving forward. I one hundred percent believe in that!  

It is why I am absolutely delighted to help your business stand out. After I sold the bakeries, I completed a degree in Communication Design and started my own Marketing firm. At the same time, I also finished a business consulting and coaching designation. But having been in the trenches myself, learning on the job and knowing what works is my greatest schooling and competence.

If you are wondering how to start give us a call we would be happy to chat and find out what you need. We understand the magic of making you visible and marketing you in your own unique way. Different is better than better!

Uta Nagel

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1. Define your vision and find your passion.

2. Research your target audience and your competitors.

3. Choose your focus and personality.

4. Invent a brand name.

5. Create your slogan.

6. Define the look of your brand (colors and font)

7. Design your logo.

8. Apply your branding throughout your business.

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