Our Team

Uta Nagel

Art Direction

I’ve been in the trenches myself as a business owner and hands on marketing manager and can honestly say I’ve made every possible mistake that could be made. Through it all I’ve learned the tricks of the trade and the importance of innovation and strategies. My passion is to empower other BUSINESS OWNERS to reach their maximum potential through innovative branding and marketing. Experience has taught me the value of differentiating myself in a competitive market, and how to effectively communicate a brand’s message in alignment with its core values. My PASSION is to use my knowledge and expertise to guide other business owners on their journey to success.



I’m a natural light photographer with a passion for capturing candid moments full of colour. I’ve been a photographer for over ten years with experience shooting everything from weddings to corporate headshots, family portraiture, engagement shoots, and branding sessions. I come from a filmmaking background and take inspiration from directors like Wes Anderson and Edgar Wright. If you are interested in capturing quality imagery for your brand, updating your headshots, or documenting an important event, reach out to learn more about this service.



My passion lies in forging meaningful connections with our clients and uncovering their unique qualities that make them truly exceptional. I am driven to uncover the narratives that fuel their passions and, in turn, help them bring their vision to life. I’m an advocate for the belief that business should be more than selling a service. It should strive to create a positive impact for all parties involved and beyond. I believe your product or service should inspire you as much as your clients. As a member of the Forelli team, I’m dedicated to taking care of people with constant communication, and strong support to help make you irresistible.



I am basically an idea factory I have a passion for bringing ideas to life through stunning visual designs. Seeing is believing and I know that graphic design if done well will never need a babysitter to explain its purpose. My design style is modern, clean, and elegant, with a focus on delivering effective communication through design. I have a wealth of experience in designing logos, websites, packaging, and marketing materials for a variety of clients across multiple industries.



Whether it’s building a website from scratch, optimizing an existing site for search engines, or creating social media content that resonates with audiences, I have the skills and experience to deliver results. With my combined expertise in web development and social media, I can help businesses establish a strong online presence and connect with their clients in meaningful ways.